About the society

Guildford Allotments Society (GAS) was born out of a merger in 2004 of two previous societies within the Borough of Guildford. It manages 14 sites within the borough providing a variety of differing locations.  GAS aims to provide a high standard of service in the provision of allotments to all those people and groups interested in taking on a plot. GAS have an open, non discriminatory policy of provision for allotments consistent with generally accepted standards and guidelines set out by the National  Allotment Society (NAS). GAS is a member of the NAS and promotes good gardening practices throughout its sites.

GAS is set up with a Constitution and Rules, under which a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and up to 9 ordinary members are elected to a Committee of Management whose core aim is to manage and continually improve the sites and services in the Borough. Co-operation and support is given by Guildford Borough Council who lease the land to GAS under a formal Management and Lease arrangement and together GAS and Guildford Borough Council are committed to improve the provision of allotments.

Each site has a site representative (Warden) who manages their respective site and who deals with day to day issues arising from that site. Regular meetings of the wardens  take place, at which issues relating to the sites and their tenants are discussed and, wherever possible, resolved.

In addition to the Committee of Management and the Wardens, GAS is always pleased to welcome volunteers who can get together to address particular issues, either locally on their site or sometimes on a number of the sites, for example manure deliveries and plot clean ups.

If you would like to know more about GAS or about our 10 year plan please contact us. Also if you have any suggestions on any improvements or would like to volunteer, we would love to hear from you.