Guildford Allotments Society manages 13 sites in and around Guildford in partnership with Guildford Borough Council. This web site contains information about allotment rental and the society.

If you’re interested in renting an allotment in the Guildford area, you can apply online after reading the details below

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Information – If you have any questions related to allotments or allotment rental, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Apply Online – If you would like to make an application, read the details below and then use this form to send us your information online. We will contact you by email shortly after your details have been received. Please ensure that our e mail does not end up in your junk or spam folder. If you don’t receive confirmation within a few days of applying check your junk mail folder. If you find our mail there mark it as safe, so that future emails from GAS arrive in your correct inbox

When you eventually receive an offer by email you will be given the contact details of the warden of your chosen site.The e mail will also explain the difference between sole and joint  tenancy. Please read that email carefully and retain it as you will  need to confirm your choice of tenancy at the time of accepting the plot and this cannot be changed at a later date.

You will need to contact the warden within the time limit stated to arrange a viewing. Once you have agreed with the warden to accept a plot you will be asked to confirm your name, site and plot number cosen by email to within 48 hours of your acceptance, and advise your choice of tenancy and details of the joint tenant if applicable.

Shortly afterwards you will  receive an agreement and invoices in the post for rental and gate key deposit. The agreement is a legal document confirming your rights and responsibilities as a tenant and we must receive one copy of this back to the society and payment of the invoices within 15 days or the offer of the plot could be withdrawn.

Payment details and how to pay are on the invoice that will be sent to you.

Find an allotment site near you – Our list of allotment sites with details and a description of each site.