Apply for an allotment

You can apply for an allotment online by filling in this form. Before you apply, we strongly suggest that you read the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page. It is particularly important to understand that an allotment requires a significant amount of your time and energy on a year-round basis. Please also note:

  • The society only accepts applications from residents of Guildford Borough. i.e. only if the Council Tax for the property you live in is paid to Guildford Borough Council.
  • Waiting lists vary: at smaller sites the lists can be long, and you should expect a long wait before being offered a plot there. Other sites waits are much shorter.
  • Individual site wardens cannot allocate plots outside of the waiting list, so please do not contact them directly
  • If your contact details change after you apply, it’s your responsibility to let the society know or you will lose your place on the waiting list. We have limited resources to track you down if you change your  e mail address or move house.
  • If you would prefer a smaller plot please advise after applying with this form