GAS Allotment rules

  1. To inform the Society forthwith of any change in the Tenant’s address , email address or phone number.
  2. To cultivate the Allotment and keep the same clean free from weeds and noxious plants and in a good state of fertility and deliver it up in such condition at the end of the Tenancy.
  3. To use the Allotment for production of fruit vegetables and flowers primarily for the benefit of the Tenant and his/her family and for no other purpose. No produce from the Allotment may be sold for profit.
  4. To keep all paths on or adjoining the Allotment clean and free from weeds and accumulation of rubbish, and to keep the same mown if the path is grass.
  5. Not to plant trees of any description without obtaining the written consent of the Society (except that this sub-clause shall not prevent the Tenant from planting domestic fruit bushes).
  6. To protect from damage all fences and gates which are the responsibility of the Society.
  7. To refrain from depositing weeds or rubbish on any other part of the allotment site.
  8. To permit the Society by their officers servants or duly authorized agents to enter upon and inspect the allotment garden at any time. Further to permit two Members of the Committee of Management of the Society to gain access to and inspect any shed or building on any Allotment in the presence of the Tenant.
  9. Upon the determination of this tenancy quietly to yield up the Allotment to the Society in such condition so as the Allotment may be immediately relet. The Allotment must be cleared of all the Tenants’ property, including, but not limited to any shed and tools, on or before the Tenancy is determined. In the event the Society incur cost in putting the Allotment into a state fit to let then the Tenant shall indemnify the Society for such costs which shall be immediately due and payable when notified to the Tenant.
  10. Not to cause or suffer nuisance or annoyance to the Society or the occupier of any other Allotment or occupiers or nearby property, nor to obstruct any path or access way on the land of which the Allotment forms part.
  11. Not to place or use barbed/razor wire for a fence adjoining any path road or access way on the land of which the Allotment forms part.
  12. Not to interfere with or remove any existing or future hedges fences walls or boundary marks.
  13. Not without the previous consent in writing of the Society to prune, fell or remove any timber or other trees nor to bring onto, or carry away any mineral gravel sand or clay or permit any other person to do so.
  14. Not to store petrol oil or similar fuel or lubricants on the Allotment except in tanks of machines or with proper precautions and only in such quantities as may be reasonably required for day to day use.
  15. Not to erect any building on the Allotment without the previous consent in writing of the Society such building to be of suitable material and of such dimensions as shall be specified by the Society and such building shall be maintained by the Tenant in good repair and condition.
  16. Not to keep on the Allotment any animals or livestock of any description except to the extent permitted by Section 50 of the Allotment Act 1950, and only then with the prior written consent of the Society. Nor to take any dog or other animal on the allotment garden unless it is led by a leash and kept fastened up whilst there.
  17. Not to erect any notice or advertisement on the Allotment or Allotment Area.
  18. Not at any time to use oscillators or sprinklers with any hosepipe nor to leave any hosepipe unattended at any time. Hose pipes must be hand held and have a gun attachment.
  19. Not to use carpets or similar materials laid on the plot to control weeds;only plastic sheeting or proprietary weed control fabric/membrane may be used for this purpose
  20. Not to light any bonfire anywhere on site unless in the period November 1 to 10 after sunset and strictly to adhere to the Society’s insurers conditions which state:
    1. Fires are to be in a cleared area at a distance of at least 10 metres from any property
    2. Fires are not to be left unattended at any time.
    3. A suitable fire extinguishing appliance to be kept available for immediate use.
    4. Fires to be extinguished at least one hour prior to leaving the site.
  21. The Tenant shall only used approved herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, weedkillers and chemical fertilizers on the Allotment and shall not use weedkiller or herbicide on any path adjoining the Allotment.
  22. Non – Tenants may be admitted onto the allotment only if accompanied by the Tenant or the Tenant’s family and/or with specific authorisation from the warden/steward of the allotment area. The Society reserves the right to refuse admission to any person as it deems fit.
  23. Not to burn or deposit and to remove all non combustible or non compostable material eg, plastics, from the Allotment as soon as is reasonably practicable.
  24. To ensure all gates by which the Tenant gains access to the Allotment are closed and locked at all times.
  25. Not to bring or cause to be brought onto the Allotment or the Allotment Area any firearms, including air rifles or any other offensive weapon.
  26. The Tenant shall immediately upon becoming aware of the same, report to the Society through their warden/steward any incidence of theft or vandalism.
  27. As from 1st October 2007 no new or existing tenants shall be allowed to hold more than a total of 20 rods. This is not retrospective for those existing tenants who already hold in excess of 20 rods.